Learn Programming with major courses of Programming and Web Development which includes

  • C/C++ (Which is basic Programming language this language is rarely used Nowadays but this is basic and will clear all your Concepts regarding Programming. If you want to Be a good Programmer then it is necessary that you know C/C++ Programming Language.)
  • PHP (this is the Web based Programming language it lies in the category of Web Development. This is a Good Programming Language and if you want to make a Actionable Responsive Websites then this Language is good for you Rather than Python or any other which are also Good but not That Popular.)
  • WordPress (WordPress is Not the Programming language but is the Platform Based on PHP it is great in sense that if you don’t know anything about PHP but some Basics than you can create a Responsive and Eye catching Website Using WordPress.With it’s already Programmed Themes and Plugins You can create a master piece without know more about PHP. Its a Good Platform and many blogs and Websites are Running on WordPress)